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13 Fishing Spin Walker 108 Regurgitated Shad for sale online

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Built with two one-knocker mechanisms which synchronizes to generate differing pitches. The large head chamber amplifies a higher pitch with stainless-steel sounds while a larger tungsten rattle in the smaller rear chamber makes a deeper pitch. The tungsten weight transfer system enables longer casts. Can be walked fast or slow producing 180 degree turns or tight crisp snaps leaving a bubble trail simulating prey. Strong nose end buoyancy creates firm resistance to diving in choppy water.

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13 Fishing Spin Walker 108 Casper Shad

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13 Fishing Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait

Features: The 13 Fishing Spin Walker is a 4 1/4 inch, 2/3 ounce hybrid topwater hard bait. Combines design elements of a topwater walking bait and a buzzbait to create a whole new class of buzzing, walking hard surface baits. Long pencil-style body with a metal buzz blade and clackers on the rear portion of the bait that create strike-triggering bubble trails. Pre-rigged with two sticky-sharp size 2 VMC PTFE-coated hybrid treble hooks. Available in 12 colors.

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13 Fishing Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait

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