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Dr. Slick Clamps

$ 18.50

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Dr. Slick Gold Barb Clamp – Lively Legz Fly Fishing

Top Quality Dr. Slick Pin-In Shank

Dr. Slick XBC Series Scissor Clamps (1/2 Smooth & 1/2 Cross Hatch Jaw)

Dr Slick 4 Micro Tip All Purpose Scissor, Ψαλιδάκια, Δέσιμο μύγας, Taimen

Dr. Slick CrossFire Mitten Scissor Clamps 5 - New

Same basic concept as the mitten clamps, but with a serrated scissor mounted behind the jaws. This addition allows for cutting tippet/leader material, trimming flies streamside or opening that pesky bag of jerky. Comes spring-loaded, and with wrist lanyard attached.

Dr. Slick 5.5 Mitten Scissor Clamp Gold


New for 2021: Crossfire Scissor clamps have straight needle nose tapered jaws and a half smooth and half cross hatched jaws. The Crossfire line is a new hybrid series that combines three of Dr. Slick’s most popular clamp styles, lengths and jaw structures. The addition of textured rubber handles and tapered jaws combine to create a blend of form, function and comfort.

Dr. Slick Crossfire Scissor Clamp 5

Needle nose jaws allow this clamp to be used with #26 midges all the way to #6 buggers. Smooth jaws make crushing barbs on the smallest flies

Dr. Slick Spring Creek Clamps

This wicked cool looking series revolves around the time savings and ergonomics of a bent shaft instrument. The loops on the super sharp razor scissors are raised and exposed, allowing the user to simply put their fingers into the loops without having to slide them across the bench to get them in hand or worse, dropping them on the floor! For those who keep scissors in hand while tying, the bent shaft is more ergonomic than a straight shaft, and follows the contours of your hand.

Dr. Slick - Black Widow - Bent Shaft Scissor Clamp 5

Dr. Slick Fly Tying Vises & Tools

Dr. Slick Scissor Clamps - Dr. Slick Fly Fishing Accessories